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Nipple Tree
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Nipple Tree
Nipple TreeNipple TreeNipple Tree
Nipple Tree
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The "Nipple Tree" is an effective nipple torture device for both men and women. With the breast plate in place on the sternum, the clover clamps which are connected with quick releases to the aluminum cross bar, are attached to the subject's nipples. (clover clamps can be used with other devices this way or even with just weights, not dedicated to just this device). Then turning the ball at the end of the upright steel bar, causes the bar to rise, putting more tension on the nipples and pulling them away from the chest. It can be easily assembled and disassembled, making it perfect for traveling or taking to clubs or parties.

The breast plate is made of a high quality machined black plastic for light weight and durability. All metal points of contact are metal to metal, not metal to plastic (metal disc in breast plate, and metal on metal cross bar, for better durability).


$74.69  Basic Set - comes with breast pad, 2 clover clamps, quick releases, and an 10" cross bar.

$99.69  Deluxe Set - comes with breast pad, 2 clover clamps, quick releases, and ALL three cross bars = 8", 10", and 12".

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